Testimony Topics: Medical History

Prior to your Social Security disability benefits hearing, you should prepare yourself to testify about your medical history. Specific topics that may be covered include the following:

  • When your disability began and whether it has worsened or improved over time
  • The names of doctors you have consulted for your disability
  • Symptoms of your disability
  • Medications you have been prescribed, how often you take them, their effectiveness, and any side effects
  • Treatments you have undergone, and their effectiveness and side effects
  • Whether you presently see a doctor and how often you see the doctor
  • Limitations you attribute to your disability

While you must be prepared to testify competently regarding your medical history, it is possible the administrative law judge (ALJ) will ask no questions whatsoever in that area. Prior to your hearing, your Miami disability attorneys will submit all of your relevant medical records as evidence. In all likelihood, the ALJ will have reviewed the records before you testify, and he or she may not have any further questions regarding your medical history. On the other hand, your case may be significantly harmed if the ALJ asks questions that you are unable to answer. Therefore, you and your Miami disability attorneys need to ensure you are prepared to testify to your medical history if asked.

Although you are expected to know your medical history, you will not be expected to testify to the technical underpinnings of your disability. You should try to have a working knowledge of your impairment, but the ALJ will not expect you to have a doctor’s expertise.

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