How to Discuss Daily Activities With a Judge

In disability hearings, judges typically inquire as to your daily activities. Specifically, they want to know how you spend your days.  Judges use that information to determine whether or not your daily activities match up with the symptoms and restrictions that you have listed during your application for benefits. Accordingly, the judge’s inquiry into your daily activities will open the door for you to provide plenty of details. A competent Miami Social Security disability attorney can help you gather your thoughts with regard to your daily activities so that you are well prepared to answer this question.

In an effort to assist the judge in discussing your day-to-day activities, you should break-down your day hour by hour. Also, be sure to highlight those things that you do differently now due to your health issues. If you take time to think about it, you can probably create an extensive list of things that you do differently now than you did prior to becoming disabled. This list is essential because it will demonstrate how your disability has impacted your life.

Furthermore, you will want to describe the amount of time that you do an activity and the time that you take to rest afterwards. Also, be sure to explain all the things that you are no longer able to get done without the assistance of others.  If you need a Miami Social Security disability attorney, please contact us for a free consultation..